Action vs. Stillness

Action vs. Stillness

Many times we’re trapped in fear,
Afraid to take the necessary steps…
Afraid of failure…
Afraid of success… There is no such thing as failure.
Only lessons to take with you through life.

I don’t think anyone has EVER
regretted “doing” or “trying”

The biggest thing we come to regret are our “inactions”—sitting back and not fully participating.

Choose to MOVE,
To try new things,
To approach that hottie at the bar,
To volunteer,
To stand up for yourself,
To fight for what you believe in.

Stillness is caused by fear.
Stillness is laziness and inaction.

Yet fear is not entirely bad!

Fear lets us know we are out of our comfort zone, and being out of our comfort zone is one of the healthiest challenges we can force upon ourselves.




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