Bridal Party:


How did the weekend pass by so quickly? Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. Time even flies when you’re not having fun, is how I think about it. YOLO. Yes, it’s completely out of style, overused, off the radar, and embarrassing, but I said it and it’s true. I’m on the plane back to New York—leaving my family and Northwestern friends behind me. Goodbyes are always hard, but I’m excited to return to my summer stomping-grounds. I will recall the memories of this weekend forever, and my lobster-red skin has yet to forget the ample amounts of sun it was subjected to.

We had our fake nails put on by a “friend” of the bride. However, this woman was not the friend type, as she was extremely rude the entire time we were with her. She charged us $50 each for acrylic nails and shellac toes. She “should have been charging” us $75. Yeah right! I could have gotten my nails done in NYC for $10, sorry lady. Our hair and makeup went much better than the manicure did. It was a little rainy and humid the day of the wedding, so I decided I wanted an up-do. The other three bridesmaids wore their hair down and curled, so I probably looked like the odd one out. When the actual wedding procession took place, however, my hair was the only style still completely intact.

The wedding planner was highly under qualified to do her job. She was very blonde and had fake teeth that were much too big for her face. She came late, only 30 minutes before we were supposed to walk down the isle. Then she was running around telling people what to do, though we had already figured it out by ourselves that late in the game. She kept telling the bride, “don’t worry, I cleaned up that mess that someone made.“ Excuse me, it’s her wedding, and they were paying $5,000 for the venue, like she cared if we messed the place up a little bit?! She did not.

Though the ring bearer was screeching, “this is NOT a funny joke,” through the ceremonial prayer, and a few farm dogs ran right up the isle, the actual marriage ritual was beautiful. The bride was given away by her two older brothers who were both crying like babies on either side of her. It was either her brothers, or the sad country music playing that made me start bawling. I’m a group crier, so whenever I see other people crying (movie theaters, sorority recruitment, you name it), I begin to cry too. So much for the free Mary Kay makeover!

Reading our toasts was my favorite part. My sister said that during my speech, everyone broke out in waterworks. I guess I have a way with words or something along those lines. My least favorite part was that there were no hot guys at this wedding (besides the groom obviously, Natalie). Everyone else at the wedding was either much younger than us, or years older. The newlyweds were coupled up, and the best man wanted to do the hanky-panky with the other MOH, so I decided that it was time to peace out after 11pm. I went home and spent the night and the next full day with my family. We laid at the beach for a few hours in the morning. Then, we hiked down Schweitzer Mountain after taking the once-a-year free lift ride to the top. Northern Idaho is glorious in the summer time. My only issue is that my shorts are permanently tanned onto my legs and my poor face is peeling all over.


Alena Netia Horowitz

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