Corona Virus and Staying Calm

Corona Virus & Staying Calm

Sandpoint, Idaho – March 13, 2020

In a time full of such disarray, it’s important that we come together more than ever. Help your neighbors, take care of one another, appreciate the small things, open your heart.

Times are hard, but remember not to panic! Know that fear won’t help any situation, and that we can’t think rationally when we’re scared. Be prepared—plant a garden, raise your own animals, act more sustainably, but don’t come from a place of constant fight or flight.

We don’t want to minimize the damage that’s been done, and our hearts and prayers are with the families worldwide that have been affected thus far and into the future. The thing is that fear is what’s been going viral before the actual virus has. The idea thus far has inflicted more damage than the actual disease. Widespread panic.

What happens with the fear pandemic is that we become afraid of one another, we point fingers, we put up walls, we close borders, we assign fault, we create an “us versus them” mentality. Fear tears us apart when we need to be working together, helping our neighbors, sharing food, knowledge, medicine and wealth in this time of great need.

Love, light, health and happiness to all our friends, relatives and fellow human-species out there!

Take care of each other, prepare, go easy on yourself, and practice a little extra self-love these next few weeks.

We are resilient beings! Our bodies were cosmically designed to fight off diseases, infections, and viruses. We have gone through epidemics time and time again and have pulled through together.

We, too, shall weather this storm.



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