Doughnut Plant:


A sorority sister that graduated two years ago was visiting the city, so it was a must that we would meet up. She was with her two gay friends and I asked my promoter to help get them into the club he was at. I’d never heard of the Hudson Terrace before, but when I asked the local girls I know, they said it was incredible. We got there a little late so we had to wait in line for a bit. The promoters have to walk in with their groups all at once, or else it’s a pain in the butt to get everyone in. It was pouring outside, but luckily some nice gentlemen in front of us shared their umbrellas. The misty rain was actually a nice change from the extreme heat and humidity of the last few days.

Upon entering, we took the elevators to the 2nd floor dance floor. The flashing strobes were glittering off the enormous crystal chandeliers that were installed over the dance floor. It was beautiful. There was a slippery little outdoor desk that I’m sure would have been amazing if it wasn’t raining. We definitely went outside in the rain to cool off from dancing a few times. We watched a poor girl bite the dust out on that deck. I felt so bad, but it was hard not to laugh. She smacked straight down on the wet wood, and everyone out there saw every bit of her lady business.

We couldn’t find my promoter at first, but I guess we were on the wrong floor. We took an extremely tall set of stairs up to the 3rd floor dance hall. I thought the lower level was cool, but it was nothing compared the floor that we had just been elevated to. There were hundreds of people moshing to an incredibly talented DJ. Every few minutes they would shoot off a silencing burst of fog. This fog terrified us the first time because you couldn’t see a thing through it. I couldn’t see, couldn’t breath, and I grabbed my friend’s hands. At first I actually thought that some sort of fire preventing mechanism had been set off accidentally, but as Dani dragged me out of the smoke, I realized that it was all for show.

We all made plans to meet up the next day at the one and only Doughnut Plant. I had never heard of them before, but apparently they are famous for their doughnuts. When I got to the place the next day, I actually recognized it from one of the long walks that I’ve taken while being in the city. I remember thinking that it was adorable with it’s doughnut-shaped tiles and pillows hung on the wall. For being famous, it sure was empty though. I went to Voodoo doughnuts in Portland last Spring break and we waited in a line that went around the block for America’s most famous doughnuts. I’m not a huge doughnut fan, weird because I’m American, but I thoroughly enjoyed my lavender glazed doughnut at the Plant.

We sat around Union Square Park and munched on our treats and iced lattes. There are always hundreds of people flowing through Union Square. It’s incredible how everything is so highly condensed here. New York is tiny for the amount of pedestrians that it houses. The island is only 13 miles long. Considering it would take 13 minutes to travel down the entire thing going 60mph, it’s not a big place. It’s so weird to think about it from that perspective. People watching is always so fun in New York, you never see the same thing twice. There are beautiful people, and not so beautiful people, but they all add to the beauty that makes up New York.  


Alena Netia Horowitz

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