Exercise in Gratitude

…Exercise in Gratitude…
(An important 🔑 to happiness)

Part 1: 👣
(Part 2 – to be released soon)

Spend 10 minutes journaling about things you’re grateful for.

Here are FIVE of mine:
1. Feet and legs that allow me to walk and explore this beautiful/intricate Earth.
2. Eyes that see color, trees, mountains, sunsets, paint, patterns, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and friendships.
3. Love and laughter shared amongst family and friends.
4. Ears that hear the sound of birds, neighbors, scraping garden tools, the river flowing, and cars along the road.
5. Always having access to food and clean water when I’m hungry or thirsty.
We are so lucky—
Yet, sometimes we forget.

Your experience is something completely personal… Different from any other creature that’s ever existed.

How incredible!!
Everything that “IS”,
occurs exclusively for YOU,
from your own unique perspective.

That alone…
Is something to be thankful for!

I’d love to hear about the things you’re most grateful for in the comments below!

Let’s pass on the positivity and remind ourselves and others to count our blessings every day!


Alena Horowitz | Miss Potato

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