Who We Are

THE WAVY BUNCH is a community of designers and dreamers that wish to promote self-love, individuality, and positivity through artistic outlets. THE WAVY BUNCH shares the world with people through artisan handmade fashion (shop), a culture/wellness blog, creative event planning and art therapy (THE FUN TENT), and we host the monthly summer NIGHT MARKET.

Night Market

THE WAVY BUNCH™ monthly “NIGHT MARKET & Street Fair” takes place during ArtWalk every 2nd Friday from May-October in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

World Tour

After years of traveling and appreciating world cultures, styles, traditions and beliefs, the all-encompassing design idea for THE WAVY BUNCH came to the forefront. We seek to harness the brilliances of this world to share with you powerful pieces from communities and cultures far and wide. We bring you beautiful things from the world, along with traditional knowledge, tribal healing methods, cultural recipes and a glance into far off places.

World Store

THE WAVY BUNCH is a colorful lifestyle brand that harvests creations and contributions from ever-changing sources across the globe in order to provide one-of-a-kind clothing that promotes freedom of expression, self-love, and originality.

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