Kappas From Coast to Coast:

My landlord stopped by earlier to pick up his rent-check. He was wearing a creamsicle colored tweed suit and a light blue tie. With the 90 degree weather, he definitely was a business man. When my landlord found out that my birthday was tomorrow, he showed me a stash of wine that he kept in the apartment. He told me to keep it for myself and wished me a splendid, yet safe birthday. Four bottles! What a good start to a successful day.

I got a job offer from Juicy Couture and Vera Wang! I have a trial run with Vera Wang for Monday, so I asked Juicy if they could wait for my decision until then. At Juicy, I’d be working the floor in retail, and at Vera Wang I’d be the receptionist at Vera’s corporate office—how prestigious!

I was complimented many times on the quality of my work, but today was stressful. I’m currently working on a catalog in Illustrator, which is really not the best tool to build a catalog in. InDesign would be a much quicker and useful program to use. I’m a huge InDesign fan after the creation of my portfolio in order to test back into 3rd year architecture/interior design. By the way, I made the cut. I wasn’t too worried, however, because I’m always trying my hardest in school and I kind of panic if I’m not doing as well as I think I should be.  Perfectionism at its finest.

I’m SO excited for my 21st birthday tomorrow! I found the NYU Kappa Kappa Gamma page on Facebook a while ago and posted that I’ll be new to NYC for the summer. Originally, the girls were trying to get me summer housing within the Kappa “penthouse” in the NYU dorms. In the city, they have a “vertical frat row” rather than separate townhouses like we have at University of Idaho. The girls have been extremely welcoming and sisterly. Immediately, I had 10+ friend requests on Facebook with phone numbers and invites to events/Kappa groups. It’s so good to know that there are sisters all over the country that will show you around a new city, plan activities for your birthday, welcome you, and care for you even though they’ve never met you in person.

Tomorrow at noon, there is a group of 15 Kappa girls with a reservation at “Dukes.” It looks like a cute little dive joint with big portions for cheap. It’s by Union Square, which is quite the walk. We’re going out for brunch and cocktails, since I’ll finally be able to indulge… legally. I’m bringing another Kappa from WSU along with me. I met her over LinkedIn when I was looking for a place to live. She just arrived into the city tonight and texted me right away. I think she’s a little lonely and has never lived in a big city/by herself before. I’m happy to include her because I want to meet/incorporate as many people into my adventures as possible! The Kappas from NYU have been so kind and helpful to me. I couldn’t image being anything less to the Washington State girl.

My c-r-a-z-y (good) red headed friend is taking the train from Washington D.C. to NYC tomorrow in order to help me celebrate my 21st birthday “the right way.” She’s also a Kappa from University of Idaho and we actually went to high school together! I almost screeched when she called to let me know. She gets into Penn station at 2:00 and I plan on taking the SUBWAY from brunch in order to meet her. I need to become familiar with the subway at some point. I’m so excited for tomorrow’s all-day activities! I can’t believe that I get the privilege of having my 21-run in the famous “City That Never Sleeps.” 


Alena Horowitz

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