Lead By Example

How do you want to make your mark on the world?

What type of energy are you putting out?

What do you aim to leave behind?

Be aware of how powerful your effect and energy is on others around you.

Be aware of how powerful your effect is on yourself and your own psyche.

Every day is a new day—
A chance to start again,
A chance to try harder,
A chance to love stronger,
A chance to act/react better.

Try to only put out energy, products, and promotions that are useful, beautiful, and/or meaningful.

There is so much BS out there! Try not to add to it. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of negativity, but it’s just as easy to flow with “the good.”
We must make the conscious decision of what we wish to radiate.
Think about it.

Try to reflect what you wish to see.

We can only change ourselves.
We can only lead by example.



THE MISSION: In a world that seems to try to divide us at every step of the way, THE WAVY BUNCH aims to create a new generation of people and leaders that don’t fall into the guise of gender “norms.” Nothing is “normal” except exactly the way you feel! We provide gender-fluid fashions and home-goods for all the fluid, flowing beings, no matter where you find yourself on this rainbow spectrum of life.

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