Make Waves Media

We totally understand that life gets busy sometimes! That’s why we’re here to help as social media is something we specialize in. Congrats on the lil rascals!

Basically, we work with clients who are working in conscious ways (yoga teachers, musicians, food artists, etc) to help them develop creative/consistent posts several times a day in order to grow their following.

We require each client to pay for at least 1-hour per work day of our time (at $25/hour x 5 days/week) so we don’t spread ourselves too thin with our clients. In this hour, we include 2-3 social posts scheduled for each day which leads to 100+ new/REAL followers every month. If you “buy” followers rather than gaining them naturally, Instagram can shut your page down and you won’t get real interaction from actual paying customers.

Your page is beautiful and looks like you’d fit right in with the type of people we want to help supporting their business!

Please let us know if we can be of service! 🙂

Usually people grow 100+ followers per month by posting and hash-tagging 2+ photos daily through us. You want to deliver creative content and beautiful photos for followers as well as promoting your services.

Let us manage and grow your social media profiles for you!⁠

We offer a range of services to help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

It’s important to post valuable content daily in order to grow your business and brand.⁠

Sometimes it’s hard to run a business and promote it at the same time, and that’s where someone like us comes in handy!⁠

We have years of experience in marketing strategy and love creating colorful posts to draw customers in and cultivate your audience!⁠

Let us know how we can help!⁠

Create Beauty

We offer content curation for conscious brands in the fields of health, wellness, teachers, healers, psychics, musicians, fashion, festivals and much more.

Tell Stories

It’s important to share your brand story with the world. Customers and clients want a deep insight into your products, services and behind the scenes lifestyle.

Make Waves

Posting multiple times daily is import to growing your following and customer base. We plan daily content and memorable imagery.

How you show up online says so much to people about you and your brand. ⁠
It’s important for your followers to see into your lifestyle and presenting yourself in a positive public light will help you create trust in your brand.⁠

Good content is KEY for engagement and keeping customers coming back for more!⁠

Let us help you focus on forwarding your business goals.

We will need the following information from you, so please prepare:

  • 1) What products & services you offer.
  • 2) Your ideal target customer demographics.
  • 2) Types of content you’d like to post
  • 3) About you and your business.
  • 4) Your personal beliefs, outlooks and goals.

Let’s build and grow your audience together.