Coat of Many Colors Rainbow Floor Length Cape Kimono

Coat of Many Colors Floor-Length Rainbow Kimono:

Vibrant silky fabric floor-length kimono with trippy melting rainbows printed on fabric. Wizard-sleeve details, side slits, and contrasting fabric trim – Origin, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Supporting local female artisans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


THE WAVY BUNCH—a community of designers and dreamers that wish to promote self-love, individuality, and positivity through artistic outlets.

Our clothing is inspired by the vast array of colors and cultures our world has to offer. Our look can be described as: eclectic, alternative, free-spirited, funky, artistic and uninhibited. We want to offer clothing that emphasizes the individuality and creativity of the wearer while reflecting worldly cultures, nature, and revolutions in art and music.

We’re a colorful lifestyle brand that harvests creations and contributions from ever-changing sources across the globe in order to provide one-of-a-kind clothing that promotes freedom of expression, self-love, and originality.

We believe the most important things in life are to: CREATE BEAUTY (in form, function and feeling), TELL STORIES (share your unique experience with others), and MAKE WAVES (help people, places, or the planet).

What you wear is an extension of your WEIRDNESS. Everything you wear should make a statement or cause a conversation. We pledge to keep your eyes and senses constantly fascinated by the rich variety of colors and textures we offer.

We dedicate ourselves to those who wish to live their lives in all senses TO THE EXTREME. Extreme fun, extreme fashion, extreme health, extreme happiness—all aspects our brand hopes to encompass.

“To take the world as one finds it, the bad with the good, making the best of the present moment—to laugh at Fortune alike whether she be generous or unkind—to spend freely when one has money, and to hope gaily when one has none—to fleet the time carelessly, living for love and art.”

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