Embroidered Floral Leather Black Hat

“Shop small” is thankfully, the trend of today.

We travel the world to study culture, support artisans, work on collaborative projects with cultural creatives, and share the world with society back home. We want to “share the world” with people.

Bring color to your world and add a sparkle to your wardrobe with these handmade embroidered hats. They have bright floral patterns around the brim and are all one of a kind hats.

Style these hats in many ways. They’re bold, bright, eclectic, brilliant, fun, colorful, small brimmed, bohemian sun hats.

We guarantee these hats will be a conversation piece wherever you go.

These hats tell a story: they are handmade and sold on a beach in Mexico by small and local artists.

These fair-trade hats are ethical fashion that supports local artisans in their traditional crafts. Tribal art is in need of your support so that small businesses and ethnic artists may carry on creating far into the future. Culture is not dead!

Stay shaded, stay wavy.


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