Relationship, Life and Love Readings

Learn about your personal relationships!!
We will do in-depth readings for you and your loved ones.
What does your birthday reveal about you and your relationships?
Why have you chosen a relationship in your life? This can be any relationship: sexual, romantic, family, or friends.
We can complete a relationship reading between any two people, like your boyfriend, or sister, or mom, dad, child, and friend.
The reading will speak of how your karma and how past life experiences affect the current relationships you’ve chosen for yourself.
It will help explain why you have chosen your past or current partners, and how you can make better decisions with more awareness.
It’s important to deepen our connection with ourselves and to understand and pursue our highest purpose in this lifetime on this planet.
The readings go two ways—you toward someone, and that special someone toward you. 
All we need is your birthday and the birthday of the person you’d like to study your connection with.



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