Tree of Life Custom Patchwork Embroidered Jacket

This custom jacket is perfect for all you Tree of Life fans out there! Also see our Purple People Patchwork Jacket and our Army Green Asian Tribal Jacket for other design inspirations.
Would you like to be the lucky owner of this fantastic, one-of-a-kind, custom-designed piece of wearable art? Clients can purchase custom jacket designs and embroideries fit for any occasion.
The pricing structure varies based on materials you wish to use, size of the garment and embroidery palette, and the complexity of the creation.
All our fashions we consider to be “genderless” or “genderfluid,” meaning we don’t want to discriminate based on societal norms. If you like it and think it’s beautiful, nothing should stop you!
If you have a special project you’d like us to create for you, get in touch! You’ll need to pre-purchase through our website. After your purchase clears, we will discuss your design inspiration, lifestyle, and favorite colors and patterns to use within your custom design. We’ll create something that’s totally and uniquely YOU.
All custom creations are fashioned from beautiful up-cycled/recycled materials. We re-purpose clothing for a new use that’s perfect for you! To get started on a personal project for yourself or a loved one, please purchase this product, and send us a message to sort out all the delightful details. 

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