Miss Potato Goes East

May 26, 2013 marks the start of an amazing journey that has made itself present to me. To assist in turning the page on this part of my life, I thought that starting a blog could be fun. I enjoy writing and love expressing myself through the fluidity and colorfulness that the written word can entail. Hopefully, through my wordage, and adventures, I can keep YOU amused while keeping myself sane on a 22.7 square mile island containing nearly two million people.

I accepted an internship under the Sr. Designer for Hudson Jeans’ children’s clothing line a week before my third year at University of Idaho came to a close. Being in the design program, my final two weeks were irrational and crammed with one project after another, and then another, AND another. My internship is part- time, which will leave me 2-3 days/week in which I need to fill wisely. In other words, I have a lot of interviewing, learning, touring, sketching, writing, thinking, and being to do.

The call from the Sr. Designer, Melissa, was the light at the end of the tunnel—a gasp of air amidst holding my breath to see the conclusion of the semester and my L-O-O-M-I-N-G final grade notices. I worked my ba-donka-donk off this year in school, and my work showed accordingly. I’m proud of my trials and efforts. Lately, they have not gone unnoticed. It’s nice to be recognized sometimes. I don’t think there should be a boundary on the amount of appreciation, recognition, or complementation that a young woman needs in order to feel important.

Trading in the slender evergreen thickets, for a view of the Empire State building seems easier than I thought it would be. Maybe the fact that I’ll be here all summer hasn’t hit me yet? Or maybe I’m meant to be a big-city-girl. Though I find it hard to sleep with traffic noises, loud air conditioners, and white noise, I find the hustle and bustle of big cities to be extremely invigorating. If everyone around me is working to stay afloat in this dog-eat-dog world, shouldn’t I be working just as hard, if not harder in order to stand out?

I literally don’t know a single soul that lives in New York City, currently, except a long-lost cousin who is in her mid 30s.  Yes, I’m scared. Yes, I’m nervous. Yes, I felt like calling my mother from the airport and telling her that I just wanted to stay with her for the summer, but the reality is: I’m growing up. Mom is not always going to be there to hold my hand, to take me shopping, to pack my lunch. Sometimes, we need to brave the world and leap out of our comfort-zone—Fend for ourselves, find our own wings—fly.

More than nervous, I’m anxious… anxious for my career and dreams to take flight. This opportunity is so boundless that turning it down was never an option. I’m so excited to dress up for work every day, (though I love and respect Idaho, the farm-boy attire was never my cup of tea) make my o-w-n rules, stay out late (the BIG 21 is in less than a week) run my own apartment (yes, I love to cook, cleaning…not so much), network (kiss some hands, and shake some babies), and make life-long friendships with the inhabitants of that dear ole dirty city they call “The Big Apple.”


Alena Netia Horowitz

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