Online Dating:

The same girl that recommended me to her promoter also told me about a “great way to meet people.” While I was in her store, she had me download the App Tinder. She said it was a site to meet people on, so I downloaded the App right away. Come to find out, however, the App is definitely more dating-based than it is about finding friends in this new city. I guess you could say it’s sort of like a situation. It’s really superficial though because you anonymously “like” or “dislike” a person’s set of photos. If you’ve liked them, and they liked you, you’re considered a “match.” Only after people are matched can messaging ensue.

There are definitely some creepers on this site, and I always think of that show Catfish whenever I’m talking to someone on it. They could be a 90-year-old man for all I know! Supposedly, Tinder takes all your information (including photos) and posts it for your matches to see. So unless you’re trying really hard and creating a fake Facebook page for the reason of going on a blind date, the information is most likely legitimate. To the people that have been messaging me, I usually reply first with “Hi, I’m new to the city. I’m looking to meet people and make friends so someone told me to check this site out!” I say this so that they know I’m not on there for dating in the first place.

A few of the gentlemen I’ve been talking to seem really great. Actually, many people are actually on Tinder for the same reason as I am—to make some connections in New York! I’ve come in contact with a few other summer interns in the city, and have also spoke with some really cool (at least over the internet) people. There are definitely some good-looking guys on the site, but I am personally not ready for a boyfriend, nor do I want to give up the perks of the single lifestyle. I am independent and I love not having to text someone every five seconds without them worrying. I love going out with my friends, I love being selfish and making decisions on my own, and I l-o-v-e flirting without having to feel guilty.

What could it hurt though? Actually, going on a blind date has definitely been on my bucket-list, as I’m sure it is for most people. I don’t like the idea of meeting that special someone online (seems so forced/desperate to me), but meeting friends is another story because friendships are everywhere, you just have to seek them out. What could be the harm in meeting up with someone new, getting a few drinks, and chatting about life? As long as you meet in a public place, I don’t think there is any harm in it. So… I accepted my first date on Wednesday night!

It was actually really fun, and not awkward at all (not that I’m an awkward person in general). We went for drinks and “bar-food” at a cool tavern called “The Keg.” Though having the word keg in the description, there were no kegs for sale, nor even pitchers for that matter! The 22 year old was handsome and kind, but he was only a few inches taller than me. I just can’t really do anything below 6’ or else I feel huge. He was cool though! We talked about life, about the big city, and about our careers. After, we went to a crowded hookah bar nearby. The smoke made it impossible to see anyone unless they were under the red rope-lights that lined the edges of the ceiling. I had a good time. Overall, great date… horrible kisser! 😉


Alena Netia Horowitz

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