Private Party:


We went for our last dinner out with my New York cousins on Thursday night. My dad’s sister made a trip down from Boston to join us for the first time. The last time I had seen her was at the age of eleven. Her son was getting married in Boston and we joined in his immense wedding. As siblings, my dad and his sister had never gotten along, so we kind of lost touch with that side of the family. I’m so proud that I was able to patch the relationship in my short time in New York. My cousin and aunt are absolutely the sweetest most wonderful people, and I’m so lucky that I got to spend time with them.

We went out to dinner at the Plaza Hotel because it’s beautiful, and also because Dylan’s favorite fictional character is Eloise. We didn’t let her know that Eloise wasn’t an actual person, but just a ploy to sell toys and enchant the hearts of little ones. As we were leaving, we found a little girl’s shoe, which she thought belonged to her friend Eloise. She waited until the doorman saw her way beneath the counter and asked him to give it to Eloise. He totally acted the part as he told her he’d give it to the sleeping girl in the morning.

The Plaza Hotel is even more beautiful than it seems in movies. It’s so neat to see that the human eye still can portray things more beautifully than what can be captured on film. After taking many family photos in the lobby of this grand hotel, we went outside in order to part ways for the summer. However, we spotted the fancy horse-drawn buggies across the block and my cousin offered to take us. I’d never been on one of these when I was younger, so I was thrilled that she asked us to go. Floating high up in a red velvet carriage, we made our way through Central Park. Goodbyes were painfully sad. My aunt whispered that grandma Lily would be pleased about our families reconnecting as she smiled down from Heaven.

Tonight, my Hudson boss had invited me to her friend’s private party. She works for Vogue magazine, and was hosting The British Tea Bash. My sister couldn’t go because of her loyal ties to her straightedge high school dance team, so I invited my good friend/future roommate Dani. Since we were with the Sr. Designer for Hudson jeans on our walk in, we were not even carded. Melissa said her name on the guest list and we were immediately escorted to the open bar. Though the party was called the British Tea Bash, there was a widespread absence of tea. The open gin-bar was a huge hit at the party. I can’t stand gin, however, because it tastes to me like I’m eating pine needles. The British chocolates were something to die for.

Being at this party made me realize how glamorous the fashion world is. I still had been questioning what direction to take in terms of schooling, and not knowing for sure what to do had been bothering me all summer. Being with Melissa’s successful and stylish friends made me feel like I belonged. The fashion industry is so glitzy, and I love that about it. My boss has the fullest/most exciting life. I don’t think that I’m high maintenance, but maybe I am. I love fashion’s showiness. I thought about all the movies featuring the fashion industry and all of a sudden, they seemed so real. I realized then that my scholastic route would have to be Fashion and Interior Design. If I can’t be a rock star, I might as well be the next closest thing—a designer.


Alena Netia Horowitz

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