I’m on top of the world now. You want to know why? I found myself a promoter!! Do you know what that means? My friends and I get taken to the front of the line for clubbing; If the places have reached capacity, we still get in; We get inside the clubs for free (if there are cover charges), AND most importantly—Free bottle-service/alcohol! Less than 24 hours after I was shut out of the clubs in NYC, I put myself in a position where I’ll never be kept from getting my grind on again. Look out New York, the girls and I are coming out this weekend!

I found the promoter through a cute little gal working in an unfamiliar boutique on the corner of Broadway and 6th Avenue. The window display caught my eye, so I decided to go in and look around. I started talking to the young woman behind the counter. Like most New Yorkers I have met, she was the sweetest thing. I told her about how excellent 21st birthday was, but that they wouldn’t let us in without a promoter. After hearing this she told me, “Oh ma gawd. I have tha best promota eva!” She added that sometimes she even goes out with him all by herself because he’s so much fun apparently. It makes me feel more comfortable that she goes out with him alone, because then I know my friends and I will surely be safe with him. 

She texted him asking him to contact me, and I left the store feeling a little better about my lack of “connections” within the bar/club scene. Not even a few hours later I received a text from a man named Simon. He seemed very friendly, and asked me to add him on Facebook because, as messed up as this sounds, he had to see what I looked like. I jokingly asked him whether I made the “cut” and he told me “you’re cute, skinny, and tall. Just make sure your friends are all the same way.” I told him that he forgot to mention gorgeous in that mix of compliments, but that I’d lump it in there for him. 😉

I’ve been talking to him for a while, and I’m assuming he has a lot of connections in the entertainment industry because of his job. My big bro in college is definitely the most incredible DJ that I’ve ever heard. He really feels the crowd when he’s performing. I decided that since I have the hook-up now, I’m going to get my big a hook-up. Every time I hear him play, I get the feeling that he’s going places. He’ll be famous someday, just wait and see.  I figured that I could take charge of his fame and get him a gig in an NYC club through my new friend Simon. Simon said (Simon says put your hands on your head. Hahaha) he could get him booked on Saturday night at a club called the Rosewood Ballroom. This place usually pulls in around 300-400 people nightly, so it’s a pretty big deal, not to mention the bragging rights involved in being able to say you mixed in New York City.

Oh no… but I may have screwed it all up because of stinkin’ “dollar beers” night at 13 Step. I went with my new friend Lynn to meet Simon, and Simon decided to be an hour late. By that time, my phone was in my pocket and I lost hope of meeting with him. Two hours later I checked my phone, which had 4 new texts and a missed call from Simon. The last text said, “You suck, I left.” The texts that preceded this text were “Hey we’re almost there,” then “Hey we’re at the back.” Then “Am I going to have to find Waldo?” I felt horrible and tried calling to apologize, but there was no answer. Hopefully it’s not a bridge burned. I think I’ll give him a few days to calm down and then… Let the schmoozing begin! 


Alena Netia Horowitz

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