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This morning at Calypso, I found out that they were having a sample sale. It was reserved for employees and consisted of clothing that had minor defects, was overstocked, or had dropped from production. They hosted one a few weeks ago, but it took place on a day that I was working for Hudson Jeans, so I couldn’t make it. I was really upset because I loved almost everything that Calypso manufactured. They have a very bohemian feel to their clothing, which isn’t necessarily my personal style, but being that everything was $5, my style could easily change. The two other interns and I were the most excited people within the company. We were all ready to sprint to the sale the moment it commenced. Animals.

Upon reaching the sale, there was already a line of people. They let us in at precisely eleven. We each grabbed a box to contain our collected items and scurried toward the racks. My box was filling up entirely too fast, but I looked over at the other intern’s boxes and they were in the same boat. A few of the women were laughing at us, but then they noted that interns should be the ones buying the most at sample sales. Over the years of working there full time, the employees had gained some very unique items, in fact, most of the women that I worked with wore wardrobes composed entirely of Calypso and maybe a few thrift-shop items.

I had never tried anything Calypso on, so I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. Considering that the fit-models I saw daily were pretzel thin, I assumed their sizes ran small. The first thing I’d check the garments for was the letter M, and then I’d scan for defects. Their clothing is fairly expensive, so anything that was even remotely appealing to me, I snatched up. I found things for my sister, my mom, and myself. Even if we didn’t end up wearing every item, I wouldn’t be too worried. The fabric used in each garment alone was worth more than $5. Almost every item is embroidered by hand, making it top quality and usually only available for top dollar.

Original tags were still intact on most of the items I purchased. I ended up buying $105 worth of clothing. There were no mirrors to check ourselves out in, so I trusted the opinions of the other interns. I left the sale two hours after it started with four large pink Calypso bags. The subway ride home was going to be much more difficult now that I was laden with goodies. Though New York has some of the best shopping in the world, I hadn’t had too much extra time for shopping while being in the city. I’ve picked up a few items that caught my attention out of a window while passing by on the street, but other than that I’ve been very frugal.

I’m very happy with everything that I bought. Some of the items need minor fixings and alterations, but nothing that can stand in the way of an aspiring fashion designer. I ended up with a pair of strappy blue leather heels, three skirts, two cashmere sweaters, a bracelet priced $650 on the tag, five elaborate tops, and nine beautiful silk dresses. I couldn’t wait to get home to show my sister/share my new loot. During her five-day visit so far, her time was mostly spent shopping. She had been running all over the city in search of worthy deals and rare boutiques. Her cute blonde friend came to visit from Germany, so my little apartment was going to be packed to the max from all three of our spending habits.


Alena Netia Horowitz

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