Stand Up Comedy:

My friend’s mom wanted to take me to brunch for staying with her for 12 hours in the hospital the other day. We went to the café at the W-Hotel in the middle of Times Square. Her mom had come all the way from Israel to take care of her in her sickness because the doctors obviously weren’t able to fulfill their duties properly. She went to the hospital a second time and texted me about it while I was at work. Apparently what she had wasn’t strep at all. Her mom decided that a trip to the USA was worth it to make sure her daughter was being treated properly.

We went to a Café beneath the W-Hotel in Times Square. The food was decent, but definitely not worth what we paid for it. Her mother was gorgeous and had a peculiar set of hand-held spectacles that she would pull out in order to look at the menu. I felt bad because I talk quite fast and I swear she just sat there nodding politely despite not knowing what I was talking about most of the time. Leaving the café, we bumped into a man selling comedy tickets, and we had just finished talking about wanting to see a show while in the city. The man was rather rude, so I had no problem being rude right back to him. It was a very strange sale, as the man commented, but he offered us two tickets for the price of one.

I decided that I wanted Charlie to be my plus 1. I definitely owed him for the amazing dates he took me on. He was handsome, charming, and had a knack for humor, so he was the perfect partner to tag along with us. I told him to set my friend up with one of his guy friends in the city, and who would turn down a free comedy show? Not I. The four of us met in Times Square for some famous New York cheesecake. We went to Junior’s. This marked my first time eating cheesecake while being in the city. It wasn’t the best cheesecake I’ve ever had, but it was famous, and my date was buying, so I couldn’t complain.

We went to Stand Up NY on the Upper West Side. Here, we realized that our tickets weren’t completely paid for because there was a minimum $20 drink charge per person that attended the show. If something is too good to be true—it usually is. Again, I didn’t mind because my date was paying for everything of mine. I’m not saying I’m a gold-digger, but I love when a man can take care of me. Sometimes I like to feel powerful by towering over people in my six-inch-heels, but every so often, I also like feeling completely helpless—the damsel in distress that can’t buy her own drinks. In a relationship, I’d never put myself in a position that I depended on a man, but in the courting stage, I’m totally fine with being wined and dined.

The comedy show was hosted within a very small bar-like setting. The walls were printed with metallic Victorian motifs and the tables were entirely too small for regular-sized people. Most of the comedians spoke similar lines as the previous comedians. Jews, lesbians, and penises were the main subjects of discussion. In comedy, when are they not? I liked the comics that joked about uncommon things because their material seemed fresher. There was one Asian girl that took the stage that was absolutely hilarious. I’d never heard of her before, but the very next night my sister and I watched our first episode of Girl Code and she was one of the female commentators. My life has been changed after seeing Girl Code. It’s so funny!


Alena Netia Horowitz

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