Sunday Fun-day:


My crazily fun new PIC (partner in crime), Dani, decided that since we were burnt out from all the events of the 4th of July weekend, why stop? Stopping would put us at risk of sleep/boredom. She asked me to do Sunday brunch with her, followed by an all-day event of bar crawling around the NYU campus. She decided that we should make a national holiday out of it and I came up with Booze York. It was very clever, if I do say so myself. There was just entirely no way we could spend this Sunday sunbathing, like our other friends, because the long weekend’s relentless sunburn was already sinking in. I could have cleaned my room, I could have done laundry, I could have had Chinese takeout delivered while watching a rom-com alone, but no. When all else fails—drank.

We wanted to find a breakfast place with bottomless mimosas if you order a meal, but Dukes was the only place I had heard of this special. We hosted this bar crawl for the purpose of seeking out new places, however, so Dukes wasn’t in the running. Instead, we went to Saxon + Parole because the interior design of the place was awesome. The interior had antiqued wooden slat walls, large framed mirrors, shelves of blankets and burgundy for customers, and simple chrome hardware. They served all of their dishes on thick wooden cutting boards rather than on regular china. It was a really cute presentation, so I Instagrammed it. Of course I Instagrammed it, I Instagram almost every meal I eat. Food is a beautiful thing.

I thought it would be a good idea to “check-in” on Facebook at every place we went. We also posted a drink picture from each place. You wonder why I’m not “friends” with people I work with on Facebook? That’s why. Actually, not really, I refrain from posting pictures that I wouldn’t be happy about specific people seeing. I’m “friends” with my mom and little brother on Facebook, so I make sure everything I post is something they would be happy about seeing. Everything on the Internet can, and WILL be found. It’s like Murphy’s Law. I hate that people sometimes post horrible pictures of you just because they look good. Okay people, you’re prettier than all of your friends, good job! No. If everyone besides you looks bad, don’t post it. I always un-tag. In fact, I have my FB set so I have to accept being tagged…ha!

Before we go out on Sundays, we always expect places to be more active than they end up being. I’m not sure why this isn’t engrained in our minds from the previous Sundays that we’ve gone out. We always seem to give Sunday the benefit of the doubt, but no one was thoroughly getting their drink on in any of the places that we went. Regardless, we had fun because we made friends with some bartenders. We only made it to five or six bars because the bar scene is fairly spread out in NY.

As always, we ended up at the 13th Step. I don’t know what it is about this hole in the wall joint, but we love it. It’s so absolutely fratty. Here you will find guys dressed in jerseys and snapbacks with nagging college girls trying to steal their attention from the televised sports games, and butterfingered drunkards spilling beer all over the scratched wooden floors. One time they were even filming an episode of girls gone wild. Not really, but I did see both bare boobs of a girl that accidentally stepped on her maxi-dress while walking by. Maxi-dresses are officially my worst fear.


Alena Netia Horowitz

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