The Universal Language of Laughter:

I slept like a baby in my little corner bed. The mattress was made of really thick memory foam that perfectly cradled my body through the night. According to Aria and Antwon, however, people were snoring louder that night than they had any night before. Since we only had to walk eleven kilometers to San Vicente, we let Antwon sleep-in. He said he had the worst sleep of all the nights because he lost his earplugs and a German guy next to him was snoring. At least Antwon avoided seeing the man’s balls, a sight that Aria was unpleasantly forced to see. He bent over naked with his ass to her face, revealing every saggy-old-man part possible.

We walked around the quaint village and discovered another work of Gaudi. The admission office was not yet open, so we tried to peak at the porcelain sunflower-covered work of art from the street. I wish we could have gone in, but we’d be long gone by the time the doors opened. Instead, we purchased butter-croissants from a small bakery and took them to a coffeehouse. Coffee, croissants and fresh squeezed orange juice hit the spot on this cool early morning.

As we got back to the hostel, we realized that the cleaning crew had already arrived. The door had been locked, so we had to knock for them to let us in. We were in trouble and the maid yapped at us to be out in under ten minutes. I hate being rushed to pack things because I always fear that I’m forgetting something. In a flurry, we threw our belongings into our bags and headed out the door with untied boots.

By now, it was the hottest time of the day, but we didn’t have to bear it for very long. Though short and sweet, this walk was incredible. Every day the walk gets more and more beautiful. I swear I say, “this town is my new favorite town,” in every town we stay in. To me, the beauty of each place seems impossible to trump. However, almost every consecutive town seems to be more delightful than the one that came before.

Once into town, we feasted at an ocean-side restaurant. Again, we ordered the menu del dia and filled our stomachs until we were almost in pain. An old man sat at a table inside the restaurant and ordered a glass of wine for himself. We caught him looking over at our “kid’s table” and we all held up our complimentary wine glasses and saluted him. After this, he bought us a round of red, so we told him to come sit with us. He was very lively for an old guy, and this spoke extremely fast. As he riddled off his explanations, we all looked at each other searching for someone that had any hint of what he was saying. None of us had any idea what he was trying to say and vice versa. Thus, instead of speaking, we all started laughing. He bought another round of wine. Eventually we were all laughing so hard that the tables around us began to laugh with us. Crying tears of laughter while holding our full and aching bellies, we realized that the only thing we all understood was each others smiles and laughter.

After, the old man escorted us in the direction of the albergue. We were all in need of naps again because the sun, walking and wine had taken it out of us. The albergue was in the basement of an old church, and looked to be one of the dirtiest we’ve stayed in thus far. We put our rain ponchos down on our beds to act as a barrier between us and the bed bugs. When we first arrived on the sleeping porch, we found some friends that we hadn’t seen in a few days, so we were quite loud and rambunctious. The hostel-keeper ran into the room, shushed and scolded us in Spanish. Talking on the porch is a real no-no.

Oddly enough, we awoke to a little girl running around and screeching trough the isles of bunk-beds. She looked exactly like Dora the Explorer with her short black bangs, big eyes, pink backpack and blue jeans. She wanted someone to play jump rope with her, so my sister and I obliged. The moment she tripped, she ran crying to her mommy that I was trying to kill her. Children really seem to love me. After dealing with Dora, we went for a serene sunset walk along an ocean inlet. It was so tranquil and calming that I could have stayed there forever. Heaven and earth must have collided to create this divine place.

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