The Vision


It’s important that we use our hands and our words for the greater good. Many makers out there have wonderful stories to share with the world through their handmade arts. We happily host and market creative projects, books, music and art. If you’d like to join the mission and the vision and would like to see your awesome stuff marketed on our website, please get in touch!

Concept Curation

Through our travels, we research trends and cultural shifts. We search far and wide to track shifts in concept, color, and craft to provide a global trend-forecasting network and offer visitors inspiration from around the world. If you’re needing help with concept curation, look no farther. We put together personal design-inspiration packages for our clients to work with.

Event Planning

With THE FUN TENT, we provide an array of party and décor planning services! Based on your specific needs, our spaces will be filled with amazing activities to provide guests an unforgettable experience. We host interactive events full of art projects and active games to get everyone sharing in the creation of laughter, good vibes and creativity.

Safe Space

We wish to create a safe space for learning, sharing, and healing. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. If you’re on a path to healing, you’re not alone. We welcome your stories and would love to share them with our wonderful audience in hopes that they, too, can learn from your journey to helping yourself to a place of self-love, fulfillment, and openness. Be patient with yourself, hug yourself tightly, and tell yourself “thank you” for how far you’ve already come.

Art and Wellness Retreats

We see THE WAVY BUNCH and THE FUN TENT linking up with many groups to provide excursions and retreats for artists, healers, makers, dreamers, seekers… and anyone on the outside or in-between. Our retreats will focus on travel destinations, cultural shifts, writing, music, healing, making art, and healing. If you have a retreat scheduled and would like to partner with us, please reach out with your details and dates.