Life as a Music Festival Vendor – THE WAVY BUNCH Lifestyle Brand and Mobile Boutique

Festival Vendor Spotlight—THE WAVY BUNCH:

THE WAVY BUNCH is a colorful lifestyle brand that curates unique creations from different cultures all over the world. We bring one-of-a-kind (men’s & women’s) clothing that promotes freedom of expression, self-love, and originality to music festivals, art fairs and vendor markets. We’re a free-spirited gender-fluid lifestyle brand that has an eclectic, festive and bohemian flare.

Our shop is a collection of ethically-sourced clothing from cultural designers in many places. Our funky, handmade, fair-trade, sustainable, & upcycled vintage fashion supports world-cultures that still practice their traditional crafts that have been passed down through generations. We’re an “Art Gallery for Clothing,” where each piece is a work of wearable art with a STORY of its own—just like you.

We “Share the WORLD” with our fans, friends & followers through fashion, art, culture, learnings, traditions, healing-modalities, cuisine, music, & festivities. Our look is eclectic, fluid, alternative, free-spirited, fun, artistic and boho-chic all while reflecting revolutions in art, culture, & music. Our clothing is designed for creative thinkers, doers, travelers, teachers, peace-makers and seekers. 

People put something on and immediately get funky, dancing to the beat of their own drum! It’s our job to create beauty, tell stories and make waves in this world (getting people outfitted UP & ready to rock and roll). With all one-of-a-kind items, there’s something FUN for everyone! Find us popped up at music festivals, art fairs, and large-scale markets almost every weekend of the summer.

About Festival Attendees & Campers:

When the pop-up shop is up, and the gates open, a surge of energy rushes through the festival grounds. During shifts, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting like-minded friends, fun vendors, famous performers and their parents! Hundreds of people scope the booth daily. Be ready for epic stories, long-distance travelers, amazing connections, cool people, inspiring ideas and HUGS… lots of hugs!

Every weekend, we get a wide-range of individuals from all walks of life—different ages, lifestyles, appearances, shapes and sizes, yet everyone is there for the MUSIC and a boot-stompin’ good time. We’re amazed by the diversity at every festival—funky, hilarious, joyful & sweaty people around you at all times.

People parade their personality through eccentric clothing and accessories and we’re there to help them look and feel their best. Festivals are a judgment-free zone. Some come in full dinosaur-onesies, while others wear next to nothing!

Atmosphere & Vibes at Music Festivals:

After setting up the booth, it’s nice to have the place to ourselves and explore the festival grounds before attendees arrive and the magic of the festival begins. It RAD seeing what goes into the making of spectacular large-scale events! You’ll get to see everything being set up, witness the stages and décor coming in, get the whole quiet pre-festival venue to yourself, and even hear sound-checks with famous artists.

The vibes at most festivals are indescribable and other-worldly. Festivals take you out of “reality” and you enter a whole new world. Working at a music festival gives you such a true feeling of euphoria. Sometimes, you step out of being yourself and become one with all the music lovers around you.

Festival Vendor Lifestyle & Life “On the Road:”

Sometimes it’s a cramped and long drive to festivals while squeezed between products, camping gear and coolers. Trekking to long-distance festivals gives you a chance to travel beautiful areas of our country. How fun is a weeklong “work trip” to sell and celebrate at a music festival?! 

Normally, we arrive one to two days before festivals start to set up camp and THE WAVY BUNCH booth tent. Upon arrival, we’re greeted by event-staff that take us to our assigned “spot” for the weekend. Vendors camp in a designated “vendor-camping” area located near the merchant-stalls.

Immediately, we get to work setting up which usually takes around 4-hours from start to finish. Once popped up, get ready for thousands of party-people eager to enter the campgrounds for the weekend. Customers start flooding in as soon as the gates open. At the Gorge, for instance, 30,000 attendees frequent the festival daily. 

We’re always “on the road,” away from home every weekend. Sometimes, it’s hard missing friendships, family, events, and activities back home, but it’s also awesome making new friends with cool people from all over the world. Working at festivals is basically a paid-vacation!

Fun but HARD & Tiring Festival Work:

Many people come up to the booth and say, “Oh my gosh, you have the BEST job in the world!” While we’re obviously having a blast out there, there is so much behind-the-scenes hard work that goes into vending and making festival experiences immaculate for attendees. 

You’re going to be sore and tired at different times during festivals. Your feet will hurt, you’ll be sleep-deprived, you’ll be using porta-potties. It’s hot, you’re covered in dust, you’ve been friendly with hundreds of people every day, it’s hard to sleep with all the bustling energy, there will be random loud sounds and attendees partying all day and night. Festival work is NOT for the faint of heart!

Make sure you’re chugging plenty of water—heat exhaustion is real. Make your own meals, or visit the  food vendors for a hot slice of pizza or chicken strips.

Music Festival Weather, Climate & Cleanliness:

Summer festivals are known for hot, dusty days. As festival vendors, we’ve SEEN IT ALL—high-wind storms, a vendor-village tornado, massive monsoon downpours, flaming fire lanterns flying straight at the booth—but the show MUST go on. 

Portable shower facilities are usually provided FREE to vendors, however after a long festival, you’ll be stoked on taking a hot shower at home, washing off the festival grime & glitter, and jumping into your own cozy bed.

Required Hours for Sales at Festivals:

The best hours for sales are between 9:00am and 4:00pm. You’ll be required to work these hours with THE WAVY BUNCH team. 

You’re welcome to take quick restroom breaks, make a quick snack, or purchase food from vendors, but make sure someone from our team is manning the booth at all times.

Marketing Opportunities at Festivals:

Take every opportunity to snag content and promote THE WAVY BUNCH at festivals! Mini photoshoots at festivals are the best! Get creative and grab content with attendees in garments they’ve purchased. Take fun squad-photos, pics of people in great costumes, photos of yourselves in your festival outfits with your favorite attendees. 

Make sure to tell people to FOLLOW and TAG – THE WAVY BUNCH in their photos! Try to tag the attendees in your posted photos as well. Always tag the venue, festival, and your favorite artists for maximum cross-promotion, reach & sharing.

On & Off-Shift Festival Gig Expectations:

When you’re off-duty, there’s often campground activities, silent discos, yoga tents, craft projects, and art installations to explore. In your free time, you can check out other vendor booths, make friends, dance by the stage, get your tan on, cook elaborate meals, take a much-needed nap and shower. 

At some festivals, we vend inside where the music is happening, and at others, we vend in the campground. For the festivals where we’re not vending interior, you will be required to purchase a festival ticket if you’re wanting to head inside after you get off shift. 

Most festivals don’t allow vendors to drink on the job. The use of drugs is never allowed, on OR off shift, and will not be tolerated. You should stay responsible, appropriate, level-headed and clear-minded at all times as you’re representing yourself and THE WAVY BUNCH brand. Festivals have been known to kick vendors out, or not accept them at upcoming events if they become a problem or liability.

Even with the lack of sleep, it’s still easy to get up and start the day because of all the excitement around you. It’s important to stay kind & courteous to other employees, event staff, attendees and other vendors. Offer a helping hand, share tools & supplies, point people in the right direction… be a good human! The fashion and festival industry are truly a game of “who you know,” so it’s important to put your best foot forward at all times. 

Festival Camping & Packing Checklist:

We’re standing most of the day, so make sure you have comfy footwear (and multiple pairs). There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes and hot, sweaty, dusty feet. ABOVE ALL ELSE – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate & make sure to eat real meals.

As a festival vendor, you’ll need: tents, sleeping bags, pillows, festival outfits, plenty of warm clothes (it gets HOT during the day and COLD at night), cute and comfy shoes (several pairs), fanny packs, heavy-duty ear-plugs (people GET LOUD in the campground at ALL hours of the day), eye-masks for sleeping, shower shoes, toiletries, towel, good vibes, snacks, smiles, and of course—biodegradable glitter!

Leaving Music Festivals:

Some vendors stay popped up the last evening of the festival to catch the last-minute sales from attendees leaving the festival. Some vendors even host after-parties at their booths!

Most of the time, when campers head into the music on the final day, we pack up the booth and skedaddle. If there are enough people working on staff, you’re not WIPED, and you’d like to collect some remaining commission-sales, you’re welcome to stay open on the last night and pack up the morning after as attendees pack up. 

Travel expenses (gas) will be paid for on both ends of the trip. 

Leaving music festivals and the magical people you’ve met is always a mix of emotions. PFD is what we’ve come to call—Post Festival Depression. Our hearts are always a little broken leaving, but also filled with joy over a fun, successful, and unforgettable weekend… On to the next one!



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