“May the 4th Be With You” (First Thursday, Boise, Idaho)

This first Thursday was particularly hilarious because it happened to land on May the 4th. When I got home on my lunch break and realized it was May 4th, I remembered that I had purchased a hilarious Yoda hat for 60% off when Hastings was closing shop. I think most of us can agree that the two worst events that occurred in 2016 were the Trump presidency and Hastings going out of business. Anyways, I wore my Yoda beanie (with big hairy ears and all) back to work over my office attire. The guy that sits beside me glanced at me, took a double take, and once he realized that YES, I was indeed wearing a Yoda beanie, he stood up from his station and with an evil grimace on his face, unbuttoned his work shirt, puffed up his chest and busted up laughing when he revealed his graphic-undershirt and that he too was a closet Star Wars junkie.

My roommate is currently between jobs, so she had the whole day to spend designing a Princess Leia outfit so we could rep “the light side” (even though it’s never referred to as that… like what the heck IS the good side called?!), together. Her costume was perfect, composed of glittery gold leggings and a layered linen top. She also prepped a more appropriate outfit for me to wear with my Yoda hat, so I wouldn’t look like such a phony poser. It was literally 1,000 degrees when I got off work, so wearing a beanie was quite complicated. I decided to leave my car in the employee parking lot because I figured I’d Uber back to work on Friday morning (as is usual the day after first Thursdays). We met up with the other Thursday troopers at Boise Creative Center, where they were having a “free spray-painting event.” I used their hot sweaty studio bathroom to change into my Yoda robes. We left BCC pretty quickly because we were only allowed to spray-paint spirals on the large-format canvas, so we didn’t feel very creative for being at a creative center.
We migrated to the Grove hotel where there was some sort of special-event happening in which everyone was wearing sequin dresses and tuxedos. Meanwhile, I was basically wearing a burlap loincloth. Not only was I wearing a loincloth, but I also had a very obvious Bandaid’ed chin from falling off my bike and eating-shit on the pavement the week before. Basically, the story goes: we got free Bastille tickets, so we did too many back-alley-shots, and rode our bikes to BSU for the concert. I was ALL ABOUT texting and snapping every move we made, using my absolute favorite Snapchat filter and voice-changer that I recently discovered. The moral of the story is don’t drink, and text, AND bike. Bad combo, but I’m one of the lucky survivors. The Grove was giving out fancy hour devoirs to the swanky guests, and only ½-ounce samples of beer. One of the first-Thursday-first-timers that was with us asked, “How do you guys expect to get drunk off of these little tasters?!” Though it was a very valid question based on the miniscule size of the sample, we answered, “OH YOU’LL SEE!!”
We floated to the Studio Salon enticed by the free flowers they were handing out. From here, we hit The North Face, where my friend proceeded to drop her full-beer sample on the floor. We quickly migrated on after this mishap. Another salon lured us in with the promise of self-poured wine—we never decline this invitation. Even Stevens was giving out tons of stickers and pins, so we grabbed one of each because you obviously can’t turn down free souvenirs (though, what the hell am I ever going to do with all these stickers and trinkets?!). It’s like free drinks in college, where sometimes my mom would get mad at us for how drunk we’d get on a weekly basis. She was like, “Ya know… you don’t have to say ‘yes’ to so many shots!” I’m like “No mom, you don’t understand! When something is free you can’t just say no!” But truly, “no more shots” has been one of my many New Year’s Resolutions for the last 3 years in a row now… I’ve accomplished many other New Year’s goals, but somehow this one just never seems to work out for me.
We skipped the awkward photos this time because I couldn’t put my soul through that type of agony ever again. Hopping to The Art Source gallery across the street, we found more free wine and guacamole. I try to work on my summer bod, but then I remember guacamole exists… After cleaning them out of their guacamole supply, our venture took us to the final gallery on the map. LaBry Fine Art Gallery was basically closing up shop, and our costumes and Capoeira dance-fighting quickly scared off the rest of the gallery stragglers, so they made us finish the remnants of their win bottles. The owners of the gallery must have liked our goofy squad-vibes and invited us to join them for more fun at Bittercreek. They purchased pretty much every appetizer on the menu and we gorged on fine foods for the last part of the night. Our new house is an easy walk from downtown, so when we got our fair share of free food and meeting new friends, we started the trek toward home. It’s nice to walk home after nights like this because it really seems to sober you up and take the edge off the next-day hangover. Hooray for city dwelling!


Eventure Squad

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