The Mission

Celebrate Weird

What you wear is an extension of your WEIRDNESS. Everything you wear should make a statement or cause a conversation. We pledge to keep your eyes and senses constantly fascinated by the rich variety of colors and textures we offer. 


In a world that seems to try to divide us at every step of the way, we aim to create a new generation of people and leaders that don’t fall into the guise of gender “norms.” Nothing is “normal” except exactly the way you feel! We provide gender-fluid fashions and home-goods for all the fluid, flowing beings, no matter where you find yourself on this rainbow spectrum of life.

Be you Uniquely

We hand select pieces from a network of people we’ve met along this journey called “life.” By working with artisans and handmade products, we will never offer the exact same piece twice. You won’t show up to a dinner party where someone else at the table is wearing the same shirt. Everything we offer is a rare work of art that will enhance your uniqueness.

Support Tribal Arts

With the rise of fast-fashion and mass manufacturing, many tribal arts and traditions are being lost. Many of our products come from tribal villages that still practice their craft. By supporting us, you’re also supporting tribal villagers in protecting and sharing their ancient handicrafts.


While searching the world for beautiful things, we can’t help but come across beautiful people, beautiful beliefs, beautiful cultures, beautiful traditions, natural healing methods, and delicious recipes from around the globe. Join us for the journey! Sign up here to never miss out on the stories we share.