Grow Hydroponic Veggies

Re-Grow Hydroponic Veggies for FREE

Grow Your Own Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps!

We are WAYYY excited about this sustainable discovery, so we want to share it with everyone!
Fresh produce is often the most expensive part of grocery shopping… NOT ANYMORE!
Did you know you can re-grow many vegetables from kitchen “scraps?”
Just plant the scrap ends of many vegetables in water and THEY WILL RE-GROW into healthy, edible plants that will keep regenerating over and over again!
We’ve started growing a lot of things in the windowsills of our houses! By re-growing hydroponic vegetables, you can lessen your impact on the Earth, live more sustainably, recycle waste materials, and bring beauty, nature, and greenery into your home!
This process eliminates waste and allows you to create new tasty veggies for FREE!
For indoor hydroponic gardens, the plants that will regenerate and grow back after cutting include:
-Bok Choy
-Beet Greens
-Green Onions
You can also plant scraps in dirt to allow root veggies to grow:
-Garlic (1 clove)
-Onions (1/4” of the base with roots)
-Sweet Potatoes
Be more sustainable, save money on groceries, and grow your own fresh foods from home without having to do any weeding, watering, or “gardening”!

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