Relaxing Indoor Activities for Winter

Relaxing Indoor Activities for Winter

Write a Handwritten Letter:

With “stay at home orders,” we’ve all been spending a lot more time on our phones, communicating over chat-windows and Zoom calls. Is anyone getting to the point where their personal communication is beginning to feel like it’s part of their everyday work-routine?  ⁠

Let’s put effort and creativity back into communication! Make an effort this week to send a physical card (one that you make yourself is even better)!

Along with your creative handmade card, you can purchase one of our blown-glass calligraphy pens to make writing cursive into a form of art. Purchase your personal Venetian-glass calligraphy pen here:

Any special friends you haven’t spoken with in a while? Let’s bring the magic back into writing and friendship! ⁠

⁠Think of some important friends, family, or business networking contacts you haven’t talked to in a while. Reach out.

Who are you writing your letter to?

We’ve got the coolest glass calligraphy dipping pens for you to work on your artistic handwriting skills!

Puzzles and Brain Games For Relaxation:

Many people who have tried meditation love to ask others if they’ve tried it before. And seriously, have you tried it? Did you know that meditation helps calm an anxious body and mind?

Ironically, the “mindfulness” talked about by most professional meditators leads to having LESS on the mind

BUT, meditation in the “normal sense” isn’t for everyone, so don’t worry! Maybe strict seated meditation doesn’t feel right for you, but there are many other ways to meditate than simply meditating n the traditional sense.

Playing with puzzles and other mind-games (like sudoku and crossword puzzles) can be incredibly meditative experiences! Playing games, building things and making puzzles can prove to be great for a meditative release.

A release? Just what we ALL need from time to time!

Bust out those brain-games and get to playing!

Juggling has been found to help aid in brain-function and concentration. We’ve got an awesome collection of hand-crochet hacky sacks and juggling balls in the shop for you!

Listen to Old Records on Vinyl:

The resurgence of vinyl records is huge! Modernized record players are popping up in popular shops everywhere and an eclectic array of new bands are producing their music on “old” vinyl technology. Technology and trends come in WAVES, but we don’t think the record player will ever go out of style!

It’s TRUE, you can really hear the difference between listening to a vinyl record and the canned music that comes out of your headphones. ⁠

There’s something soothing about the crunchy sound of an old record player as it bounces over the black vinyl threads on a record. ⁠

Stop by your local record shop, or even hit up Goodwill for a chance to find random music that you may have never heard about. I guarantee you’ll be surprised about the calm energy and interesting music you will find.

We make custom album-cover art for all you musicians out there!

Also, check out these DOPE vinyl record earrings we’ve got in the shop!

Relax and Read a Good Book:

We often take reading for granted because of all the mindless reading we do daily. How often do you read simply for pleasure? ⁠

Reading is proven to help you relax as it removes you from daily stresses by leading you into a far-off and distant world. When reading something you enjoy, reading will relax your body, lower your heart rate and help ease muscle tension.

Take 30 minutes to read by yourself in a quiet and happy place. Choose to read somewhere you won’t be interrupted by anything or anyone else.

After you finish, take note of how you feel. Do you feel refreshed, distracted, calmer and ready to take on the day’s activities? Were you able to let go of the things that were stressing you? Were you able to enjoy the whole new world that was brought to life by your book?

Recommended Books:

To aid in making your reading time even more relaxing, we’ve got the most luxurious silk robes for you to lounge around in. What a better way to spend a wintery the day than wrapping yourself in a silk kimono while sipping coffee and cocoa by the fire? ⁠

Looking for a way to “read” while looking deeper into your spirituality and mental psyche? Check out our perfect purple holographic tarot card decks. Doing a personal reading can help ease your stress by mirroring life’s interesting and complex circumstances back to you gently!

Get Creative in the Kitchen:

For many people, quarantine has actually been beneficial for their mental health.

In many ways, life has become more simplified. We have more alone time, less events to attend, lighter workloads, an abridged schedule, more time for self-care and more appreciation for meal preparation, fancy homemade dinners and fermenting sourdough bread, sauerkraut and kombucha!

The internet is such a powerful tool that provides us with the ability and instruction to make LITERALLY anything we can dream of when it comes to recipes.

There’s something so calming, creative and unique that comes from cooking, preparing and sharing a meal made from scratch with the family.

Put your phone to good use and make something you’ve never tried making before! Feeling like a crazy far-off cultural cuisine? Thai food, Italian food, Indian curries, and healing broths are only moments away! You can make practically anything your heart desires. If you can read, you can cook!

Cooking can be super enjoyable and meditative whether you’re cooking alone, with family, or with loved ones and friends. Sharing a meal brings us together to share stories and laughter around the table.

Some products I’ve been using stimulate in the playfulness of cooking and trying artful cooking techniques include: a pasta maker, copper pot set, comfortable kitchen floor mat, sourdough bread making kit, sushi rolling kit, beautiful carved wooden spoons and everyone needs a panini press!

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