Safe Food:

Somehow we managed to sleep in until 2:00pm today without waking up for an instant earlier. I guess our sleep schedule has been wild, and 24-hours in an airport really does some damage, but apparently we really needed to sleep. Once up, we frantically panicked to get ourselves down to the beach to catch some more sun while it was out. The ocean was just as beautiful as it was the day before, but we missed the hottest time of the day and escaped burning ourselves again.

We discovered a sea-side Boardwalk that lead us far from the center of Sitges in both directions. We wanted to see where the walk would take us, so we followed it until we couldn’t go any further. Down the walk, we got to see residential areas of Sitges that were not mostly designated for tourists. The ocean-front homes we saw were insanely beautiful with ornate classical exteriors with hints of Spanish styles. They were all very unique and must have been worth millions due to their perfect view of the white-sandy beaches that were speckled with multi-colored umbrellas, towels and topless tourists.

Window shopping here has really been quite unfair. All the little beach boutiques contain the cutest clothing we’ve seen in a while. Bohemian, Moroccan, 1970s hippy styled garments line the racks of almost every single store here. Everything is faded or pastel in coloration, alluding to the fact that it’s officially summer time and the sun is blazing. We’ve literally had to drag each other out of a few clothing stores because we’ve been so tempted, however, we have no room in our packs for frivolous purchases.

The place we went for dinner tonight seemed a little more “safe” than the place we went to the night before. The waiters all spoke English and the food on other customer’s platters looked quite clean. Our stomachs were still a little raw from our previous seafood experience, so we decided against seafood unless we knew exactly what was included in the mixture. However, we are quite adventurous when it comes to foods and flavors, and we are willing to try anything once. We felt like living on the edge, so we ordered a smoked salmon pizza with salmon, onions, green peppers, capers, mozzarella and fried eggs.

The pizza was delightful and definitely catered to my innate love for smoked salmon. We practically licked the pizza plate clean. Meanwhile, the grilled shrimp we ordered on the side was staring at us. By “grilled shrimp,” we pictured peeled, gutted, cleaned shrimp with little to no evidence that it came from a thinking/living creature. We are obviously too Americanized. Though my mind kept telling me, “fish are friends, not food,” as I peeled the antennae and feet off the small morsels, my taste buds reacted oppositely. I love shrimp, but personally, I would really prefer not to look into the eyes of the thing I’m about to eat. Maybe that means I’m supposed to be a vegetarian?

After dinner we found a gelato stand that had been bustling with tourists during the day. I like the fruity sorbet flavors the best and my sister likes the creamy chocolate flavors the best. Of course the only way we could compromise on a flavor choice was to get one each. We took our sweet treats down to the boardwalk in order to catch the last sunset we’d see during this stay in Sitges. The colors in the sky resembled the sorbet in my hand.

We headed back home to pack up our belongings and prepare for tomorrow’s train-ride to Barcelona. It’s always harder to pack things in order to leave a place than it is to pack to originally go somewhere. A joint decision was made to hit the sack early so that we could wake up at a decent hour tomorrow to make it to the beach once more before our departure. Even though we were slightly in pain from our sun burns and spent part of every evening here lathering up with after-sun lotion, we can’t get enough of that Vitamin D. There’s truly something addicting about sun-tanned skin and salty beach hair.

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