If Growing Up Was Easy

How funny it is…
that at the prime of our lives,
we are the most unsure of ourselves.

I guess it’s all part of growing up:
realizing where you belong,
deciding what you truly like,
discovering who aids in your happiness.

We go from trying to impress everyone to only trying to impress ourselves… That is self-LOVE, not selfish.

You will not find a friend in everyone you meet… Yet most people are not ill in intention.

Most people suffer just as you do.

They are craving the same unfulfilled needs as you are.

We are not so different when we break things down to what really matters.

What does really matter?

Choose your battles.

Find peace with yourself.
Find peace (IN) yourself.

If growing up was easy, it wouldn’t
be fun and exciting.



THE WAVY BUNCH VISION: We wish to create a safe space for learning, sharing, and healing. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. If you’re on a path to healing, you’re not alone. We welcome your stories and would love to share them with our wonderful audience in hopes that they, too, can learn from your journey to helping yourself to a place of self-love, fulfillment, and openness. Be patient with yourself, hug yourself tightly, and tell yourself “thank you” for how far you’ve already come.

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