Origin Stories – Bohemian Menswear Brand to Genderfluid Fashion Business

The idea for THE WAVY BUNCH originally dawned on me during my senior year of college in my final fashion thesis class. I had Bohemian-style boyfriends with long hair, varied worldviews and deep personal philosophies. They weren’t afraid to wear color and break the “rules” of modern menswear, yet they found it hard to find clothing that matched their free-spirited lifestyle. A whole new world of inspiration and ideas were brought to life and my mind was energized.

I graduated with double-degrees in Fashion and Interior Design, and enrolled in Venture College, a year-long intensive Entrepreneurship Management program. Here, I worked alongside other student-founders, researched and analyzed target markets, built rapid-fire business plans, conducted brainstorming sessions, met with mentors, pitched to investors, and learned to “fail fast and try again.” I planned my first original line of highly-embroidered menswear using my skills in fashion product development and CAD software.

Attending the largest Fashion Trade Show (MAGIC) in Vegas, I became more inspired by the complexity of the world of fashion showcased at this event. We combed the myriad of convention booths and met with manufacturers and makers from far and wide. Determined to make my dreams reality, I sent in my technical-packages and line-plans and received beautiful samples in return. Communication with language barriers was difficult, and they didn’t understand the vision, and minimum-order quantities and mass production weren’t part of my business goals and values, the idea was parked for the time being.

I worked a design-firm job for the next year, putting every penny possible into savings. Booking a one-way ticket to Europe, packed my little purple backpack, both scared and excited set off on the next journey. With no previous planning, I explored 20 countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and as I witnessed the flourishing abundance of markets and handmade articles, I reinvented my brand. I discarded my dissolving travel-clothes and began purchasing cultural heritage items from local artisans and village craftsmen. I’d “bring the world home with me.”

A designer by trade, and a connoisseur of collecting creatives to collaborate with, I’ve come to see my brand as “an eye to the world”—a World Store. Rediscovering the merit in my business, I needed to share the world with people.  Findings were fitting of both men and women, so “Why limit the business to menswear? A world of beauty exists within each piece, no matter your gender.” I believe men and women should be more fluid, accepting, and creative in the way they dress, so I pivoted my plan to provide beautiful clothing to all the colorful, funky and free-flowing people of this world.

“Create Beauty, Tell Stories, Make Waves” has been our slogan from the moment it came to mind. I wrote these words in my journal on a bus-ride through Croatia. Finding the slogan here was profound because I discovered the root of the name “Croatia” translates to “those who have many lands.” I took this as a sign, as I’ve always wanted my brand to seek and explore cultural creativity from many lands and different peoples. “Free Spirits,” are not defined by one specific place, but are travelers, teachers and seekers that live to find love, make art and start revolution. I cried on this bus because of the beauty that was converging around me. 

Create Beauty” in form and function. I saw the opportunity to bring more color, texture, and intricacy to modern clothing. “Tell Stories” because they make us who we are. Stories and lessons can heal the planet, and I love sharing travel stories, tips, experiential writing and lessons learned along the way. “Make Waves” that cause a ripple-effect and change the world around you. THE WAVY BUNCH promotes equality and representation of all cultures by sourcing collections from diverse communities, supporting worldwide artisans, uplifting ancestral craftsman, and encouraging self-expression, uniqueness, color, positivity, originality, growth, and a “coming-together” of humanity.

I started with a simple pop-up rack full of funky shirts, an iron beside my bed, handmade watercolor tags, outfitting my friends for parties, and a giant suitcase I’d pack and roll up and down 5-flights of stairs to set up for small and local festivals. We recently moved to doing massive festivals and vintage fairs with 5,000-30,000 attendees. It’s been such a fun and thrilling growth process. THE WAVY BUNCH has grown to encompass all sorts of creative services including planning our own artful events, night markets, festivals, and immersive-art experiences. We compose and coordinate creative written content; envision conceptual design; create custom clothing and costumes; and design a wide array of logos and posters.




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